2019 - Milan


Project: Chandelier and Applique “Triedri – design Gio Tirotto

Art lighting

Venini lights up Carlo e Camilla in Duomo, the Bistrot by Chef Carlo Cracco with a majestic Triedri custom-made glass chandelier, appliques and some of the most iconic lamps such as Ratrih by EttoreSottsass, in numbered edition.

The Triedri, conceived between 1958 and 1960, are solid cristallo glass elements that, used as vertical modules for lighting fixtures, can be assembled to form various shapes. The trihedron, as a crystalline prism with a triangular section, reflects light in different directions to spectacular effect. Different in shape, but united by the same elements, are the wall lights and the suspensions installed in the Carlo & Camilla restaurant in Milan.  

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