2006 - Sofia - Bulgaria


Project: Arch. Francesco Lucchese - Esprit and Glicine Chandelier

Art lighting

Flowers have a significant role in the country's history, linked to the traditional production of oils and perfumes. Each environment is dedicated to a different flower. This is why our Esprit chandeliers and Glicine (wisteria), custom-made creations inspired by flowers, elegantly adorn Hotel Les Fleur.  

The Esprit collection was produced by Venini during the 1970s and offered an exciting blend of creativity and glass-making prowess combined with a meticulous and sensitive investigation of lighting technology. 


Arch. Francesco Lucchese

Francesco Lucchese, architect and designer, is the founder of Lucchesedesign studio. Born in the province of Messina in 1960, Francesco Lucchese graduated in Architecture from Politecnico di Milano in March of 1985. 

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