1959 - Roma


Project: E. Del Debbio - Poliedri

Art lighting

Farnesina Palace, headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 1958, Del Debbio was commissioned to design the furnishings, especially those for the representative spaces of the Palace, which was officially inaugurated on September 12, 1959. Among the furnishings executed, some lighting fixtures should be included, for which the architect used the modular system of Venini polyhedra. 

With this system, for example, the chandelier with a rounded shape (height 150 cm, diameter 150 cm) located in the atrium in front of the International Conference Hall is created, positioned at the center of the stucco ceiling by Alberto Bevilacqua. On the pillars that delimit the same environment, and the surrounding spaces, polyhedron wall lamps are placed, with a three-tier degrading structure (height 120 cm, diameter 50 cm). Similar wall lamps are present in the International Conference Hall, in the center of which, instead, a large five-tier chandelier (height 350 cm, diameter 230 cm) is placed, descending from the vaulted ceramic tiled ceiling by Pietro Cascella. Other notably large chandeliers, with three tiers and elongated shape (height 225 cm, diameter 150 cm), are located in the Map Room. The lamps are still in place. 

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