2015 - Milan


Project: Luca Guelfi - Poliedri

Art lighting

The majestic chandeliers from Venini's "Poliedri" collection take center stage in the charming Milanese restaurant RICCI. The interior design of Ricci Milano perfectly blends the atmosphere of the 1940s with contemporary influences, creating a unique experience. 

The “Poliedri” were first proposed as components making up the large Venini CHANDELIER, designed by Ignazio Gardella, Paolo Venini and Enrico Peresutti, presented at the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair, installed in the central hall of the Italian Pavilion. The same module was used for the famous cascade CHANDELIER created by Venini with Carlo Scarpa and proposed at the Turin “Italia ‘61” Expo. These blown glass elements make it possible to create an ever-changing array of lighting fixtures of different shapes and sizes. 



Carlo Scarpa was an Italian architect and designer, among the most significant of the 20th century. 
Scarpa asserted himself as a designer after the Second World War thanks to the creation of some important installations, particularly in Venice. 

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