2017 - Milan


Project: Luca Guelfi - Triedriapplique and Anni Trenta, Stillboi Table Lamp

Art lighting

Venini illuminates the Vietnamese restaurant Saigon in Milan. The enchanting chandeliers by Venini transport you to the magical ambiance of retro Asian settings from the early 1900s, creating an unforgettable experience. 

Venini's signature lamps, three icons from the Art Light collection, showcase the exceptional craftsmanship of the glassworks. Triedri, designed in 1960 but inspired by the 1920s, is a wall sconce composed of individually crafted elements that wrap around a semisphere, providing a full and round beam of light. The Anni Trenta wall sconces, a 1997 project, shape their lines using traditional blowing techniques, highlighting the company's expertise in working with the Lattimo and Pagliesco tones for an intense lacquered effect. Lastly, Belboi, a table lamp from 1985, is made of blown glass.  

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