2023 – Cannes - France


Project: Arnolfini Chandelier – StudioJ Job

Art lighting

The historic Carlton Hotel in Cannes, a marvel of the Belle Époque era, illuminates the lobby with its imposing Arnolfini chandeliers designed for Venini by Studio Job. 
Inspired by the "Arnolfini" couple and their famous chandelier hanging with a single burning candle, symbolizing the eye of God. 

Arnolfini stands out for its innovative method of embedding glass onto a polished structure, creating a bead-like effect. The impressive piece, two meters in diameter and three meters in height, combines LED technology, handcrafted Lattimo glass, and polished gold finishes on mechanical fittings. 



Graduates of the Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Job Smeets (b. 1970, Belgium) and Nynke Tynagel (b. 1977, The Netherlands), both live and work together. 

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