2024 - MIAMI


 Project: Ovaloide - Peter Marino Architect

Art lighting

Reflections of Light and Art in Miami.
Venini illuminates the new Tiffany & Co Boutique in the Miami Design District. This collaboration is a testament to Venini's dedication to transforming spaces through the art of Murano glass and Venetian savoir-faire.

A new dimension of beauty at the Miami Design District for the new Tiffany & Co Boutique.
Thanks to the “Ovaloid” light installation, the result of the creative vision of eclectic designer Peter Marino who, together with Venini, has transformed glass into a symbol of contemporary elegance and refinement.
“Ovaloid,” is a wonderful example of how our master glassmakers are able to interpret and concretize our clients' visions, giving a distinctive and memorable touch to each project.



Peter Marino is considered to be the architect by excellence of luxury brands and has received countless awards for residential and retail projects, as well as for his design of cultural and public spaces all over the world. 

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