2023 - Monza


Project: “Venini Universe”Balloton - Marco Piva

Art lighting

Venini is a protagonist of the "Contemporary Palace Project". The captivating installation "Venini Universe" for the "Contemporary Palace Project" brings Venini's design excellence to the Royal Villa of Monza. The artwork tells its own story as a spectacle of light and color, a vibrant chromatic symphony that captivates the gaze and enchants the senses. 

Majestic and evocative, the luminous installation "Venini Universe" enhances the Queen's dressing room. A chandelier of four and a half meters in height, the result of mastery and wisdom passed down through generations by the glassmaking masters of the furnace, composed of a cascade of nearly six hundred hand-blown Balloton spheres to enchant the viewer, creating an ethereal atmosphere. 


Marco PIVA

Exciting, fluid, functional, this is the language that distinguishes Marco Piva’s large urban masterplans, architectural creations, interior design and product design.

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