2023 - Venice

Hotel Violino D'Oro

Project: Chandelier Poliedri

Lighting design

A Symphony of Light and Art: Venini Illuminates Hotel Violino d'Oro with Three Poliedri Chandeliers. These masterpieces, featuring green glass and crystal elements, exemplify modern creativity and Venetian craftsmanship.

The Hotel Violino d'Oro, located in the heart of Venice, is a symbol of beauty and craftsmanship. The Venini furnace, through its collections and masterpieces, has captured the ever-changing styles of Italian design throughout the 20th century.
For the hotel's entrance, Venini created three large Poliedri chandeliers, made with dark green and clear polyhedral glass elements. In 1958, the iconic "Poliedri" chandelier, designed by Gardella, Paolo Venini, and Vignelli, achieved great success at the Brussels Expo, becoming the centerpiece of the Italian pavilion. Since then, its geometric and sparkling design continues to enchant viewers.
These masterpieces embody the essence of modern creativity and the excellence of Venetian craftsmanship.

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