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Tradition, design and technology

    The Contract division works with a highly qualified team which is in charge of delivering turnkey designs for hotels, retail, offices, banks, cruise ships, private yachts, places of worship, public institutions, and private residences.
    In every project VENINI is commissioned, it acts as a service entity capable of perfectly combining the creativity and design skill that have always distinguished this brand.   The versatility of the material, the experience of its master glassmakers, and the company’s manufacturing flexibility allow it to propose highly prestigious projects in which the analysis and development of all aspects of the product are integrated with the demand for safety and functionality while never losing sight of aesthetical, qualitative, and technical values.
    This particular organization allows VENINI to always find personalized solutions for every space and style and to leave much room for the architect’s and designer’s creativity as he strives to meet the client’s desires.   VENINI’s prestigious creations, which are present all over the world, are the fruit of the solid experience the brand has acquired throughout its history.


    Spectacular works of art create unparalleled atmospheres in the lobbies of prestigious hotels and adorn the convivial spaces of famous restaurants and clubs worldwide.

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    Venini Contract


    The marvelous design of cultural, public and commercial spaces and banks is enriched by VENINI’s creations, which enhance their value and prestige.

    Venini Contract


    VENINI’s art works find their perfect dwelling even on water. Enshrined in the interiors of cruise liners and private boats, these pieces never fail to embellish an environment.

    Venini Contract


    VENINI’s most exclusive creations are the key decorative elements in many private residences, where they create dream-like atmospheres.

    Venini Contract
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