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    A place where master glassblowers and artists meet, a stage where the art of glassmaking reveals itself in all its splendor and glory. Day and night. For VENINI, the Fornace (kiln) is all this, and more. Since 1921.


    The creativity of this magic place also expresses itself in the 125 shades of its palette. An ample array of colours that is the result of almost a century of extensive experimentation. Its uniqueness lies in its rich and subtle hues, as well as accurate selection process, down to the slightest nuance.

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    They are the historical memory of VENINI, as well as its heart and strength. The master glassmakers devote most part of their lives to glassmaking, constantly improving their skills and passing their knowledge down to the future generations, just a few elite glassmakers.


    Every glass creation speaks of ancient knowledge, an art that has been refined and improved over the past centuries thanks to the skillful gestures of the master glassblowers. Techniques are the “rational soul” of the works, they are the rules by which design turns into reality.