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    VENINI’s ample colour palette is absolutely unique, unrivalled in the Murano glassmaking scene. A historic legacy, priceless and inimitable.

    Each of these 125 colours has its own recipe; it starts off from there and then evolves into a variety of ever-changing shades. The creativity that guides this quest for new hues is also reflected in the choice of names: Straw Yellow, Grass Green, Horizon, Aquamarine, Grape, Adriatic Sea, Tea, Amber Yellow and Nocturne. These are just a few of the exclusive and evocative colours of VENINI, which draw inspiration from Venice and nature.


    Glass is mainly composed of ultra-pure silica sand and metal oxides, which are variably combined together so as to create extremely different effects in terms of colour and colour intensity.

    During the evening, this compound is melted at extremely high temperatures in special containers called crucibles, which are contained in the furnaces. Here, minerals turn into molten magma that has its own specific colour. Glass is then fired, a long process that lasts all night, with raw materials being heated in the furnace at temperatures of approximately 1,400 degrees Celsius. At dawn, molten glass is ready to be shaped by the master glassblowers.


    It’s not just the Fornace (kiln) that determines the colour of the glass, it also depends on the external temperature and moisture present in the ambient air, as well as on the process used to fire glass. All these elements can influence hue and gradient shading.
    Any change or uneven effect in hue is not a defect in the glass, it is part of its character. It makes every colour unique and every creation special.

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