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Mimmo Rotella

    Born in Catanzaro in 1918, Mimmo Rotella studied art in Naples and then moved to Rome.
    Here, he conducted research and experiments in photography, photomontage, decollages, assembly of heterogeneous objects, phonetic poetry and primitive music. Rotella’s works immediately attracted the attention of art critics and avant-garde collectors alike.
    In the late 1960s, he created “Artypoplastiques”, a series of print tests, colours, and perceptions on rigid plastic supports.
    In 1990, he challenged himself again by painting the portraits of 20th century Masters of art on decollages. These works made him famous all over the world.
    For VENINI he designed the series Replicanti, a series of lighting objects that prefer to inhabit homes rather than museums. These works were then followed by the lamp Sasso (stone), in hand-blown and hand-crafted glass which is characterised by a particular interplay of reflections. The glass mass is modelled while hot to obtain a shape that evokes a stone.

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