Fulvio Bianconi


Fulvio Bianconi settled in Milan and collaborated throughout his life with the Milanese publishing houses Mondadori, Bompiani and Garzanti as a graphic designer and illustrator. He also dedicated himself to painting frescos in the Galtrucco stores and in the Pavilions of the Milan Trade Fair. These occupations were combined with his constant passion for glass. 
In 1946, he repeatedly went to Murano to study the art of glassmaking. Here he met Paolo Venini, a decisive meeting for both of them: this young man’s creativity marked a breaking point in the history of VENINI. Vehement research and experimentation with new glassmaking techniques, which often implies re-elaborating very ancient skills, is a constant in Fulvio Bianconi’s work. New movements and colours emerge in the glass and retrace the bond between the history of Murano and a great modernity. 
This contamination between craft and creative flair has given rise to several iconic works, such as the Figure della Commedia dell’Arte, the Tiepolo, the Fazzoletto, the Sirene and the Pezzati. 

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