Tapio Wirkkala


An eminent artist and designer, Tapio Wirkkala has contributed to making the Finnish school famous worldwide. 
When Wirkkala designed his first objects for VENINI in the middle of the 1960s, he was already an internationally acclaimed figure, boasting prominent projects in various fields of design. 
His activity in VENINI represented an interesting phase in his versatile career and, at the same time, deeply influenced the glassmaking world in Murano. 
In fact, Tapio Wirkkala deserves the merit of bringing the “Incalmo” technique back into the spotlight, a technique that he often combined with the “Mezzafiligrana” (half-filigree) and “Murrine” techniques, thanks to the skill of the master glassmakers and the rich colour palette. His works are exhibited in all the main museums of art and design worldwide. 

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