Monica Guggisberg & Philip Baldwin


Monica Guggisberg and Philip Baldwin have been working together since 1980. Their career began with their studies in Sweden, where they worked as assistants to Ann Wolf and Wilke Adolfsson (1979-1981). They continued their collaboration for the next 20 years in Switzerland, where they opened their design firm in 1982, and later in Paris, where they moved in 2001. 
Their international fame can be attributed to the purity of the shapes and liveliness of the colours in their works. Originally educated in the Scandinavian school of glass, in recent years these artists started to explore the richness and depth of the Italian glassmaking tradition and techniques. Their creations are featured in exhibitions all over Europe, America, and Japan and exhibited in many museums worldwide. 
In 1996, they began their collaboration with VENINI designing both vases and lamps. 

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