In order to make purchases on you can create a personal account by entering your personal data. After registering your account, all following steps in the purchasing process will be smooth and fast.

Alternatively, you can purchase on our website as a “guest”, entering only the data required to complete your order and without the need to register.

You can save your favourite Venini creations in your “Wishlist” and continue your purchase later.


In order to purchase a Venini product you need to add it to your shopping cart.

All products equipped with the “Add to cart” button can be purchased online, provided they are available.

Once you have chosen the product of your liking, click on the “Buy” button to put the item in your shopping cart.

Any product you add to your cart will be kept as long as your navigation session stays active.

When you are ready to complete your order, click on “Go to checkout” to finish the purchasing procedure.

You can remove one or more items from your cart at any time by clicking on ”Remove”.

After checking the details of your order, click on the “Confirm order” button to submit your purchase.

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